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Psychiatric Care in Germany today - State of the Art or memories of a horrible past with negligance and disputable methods?

Berthold Brecht: “There are many ways to kill a human being”

Systematically expert witnesses, public persecuters and also the Ministry of Justice in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a northern part of Germany, they all do their best to cover up what happened in the clinic in Rostock, Germany.
My son is not the only patient who died there.
Whenever there is a violation of human rights somewhere in the world it will be published by the German media.
Strange enough, whatever happens to mentally ill patients seems to be of very little interest for politicians and also for all kinds of media in this country.
My son, Mario Hagemeister, died as a private patient under the care of Dr. Sabine C. Herpertz Dept. of General Psychiatry University of Heidelberg.

All this happened in 2005/06 in the Dept. of General Psychiatry University of Rostock where she was the responsible senior consultant before. Her former head doctor, Dr, Habermeyer, moved to Zurich, Switzerland.
If you have a close look at the medical record of my son, you will find a lot of manipulations.

The senior consultant in charge and the first two expert witnesses are very good mates with many books published together and also many other very close relationships.
In this picture you can see Prof. Dr. Herpertz and Prof Dr. Fryberger together in a conference of their society, the DGPPN in Berlin last year in november. The second fellow member, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Wolfersdorf, was also there. Prof Dr. Freyberger also declared in his written report about this case that he had no financial relationship to the drugmaker Novartis, see Footnotes and his declaration.
All this is no reason for the public prosecuters in Rostock to doubt these proved and very close relationships.
They all work together and they do their best to cover up and to hide what had really happened.

These professors are leading members of the DGPPN, a society of psychiatrists who seem to have very close relationships not only to drugmakers.

The first of the following pictures shows my son two weeks before he became a patient in the clinic in Rostock.
The second picture shows him on October 2nd,2005, the day after the doctors of the clinic had let him leave the hospital alone. Nobody outside was informed. The medical record shows that he was in a terrible state of mind in the morning of the day they let him go on his own.
Shortly after they had let him ou for the first time after nearly three months, he was sexually abused by an old man.

Mario Hagemeister Germany

From that day on he did not want to live anymore.

Instead of a psychotherapy and understanding treatment after this horrible experience, he was fixated, arms, legs and body (see picture two) for five days. The third picture shows him two weeks before he died.
It was taken in a greek restaurant in Rostock. You can see that he was in a completely neglected state at that time.
“Nice that you came, although you are not real”, that is what he said to me, his father, and our doctor from our hometown, who was also there. Mario lived completely in the world of the film “Matrix” that was very popular in those days. Two weeks later he jumped like Neo in the film Matrix from a eighteen story high hotel at the East Sea, the Hotel Neptun. In the morning of that day, January 8th 2006, they had let him go out on his own, again nobody was informed.
The night before he had spoken for a long time on the telephone with two persons, one of them was a doctor herself. Both of them witnessed later that Mario was completely psycotic that night and very suicidal. Both of them were under the impression that he was in a closed section of the hospital and well looked after.

I did not only lose my son by very diagnoses, done by careless and dishonest doctors. Many years ago I had already lost my daughter Marleen, Mario`s sister. Her mother was given a wrong injection during the birth of our first child.
When Marleen was born, she was mentally and physically completely disabled, due to a lack of oxygen during birth. She had a terribly painful life and died at the age of eight. It was also a very cruel death.

This link opens a picture. There you can see my father holding my disabled daughter and my first wife, the mother of the two children who are both dead now.
Court proceedings up to the highest German court, the BGH, took about eight years, too. We won the case and our daughter died four weeks later.
In those days we had the feeling that justice was very slow, but it was still there. Today we have the impression that justice is not there any more and lobbyism rules the country.
I publish this story on the internet to show people all over the world what can happen in Germany again, seemingly under the protection of those institutions that should normally persecute intrigues like this one.
Hopefully a journalist from another country will see and realise the unjustice in this tragic and cruel setup and will help to prevent that this will soon be forgotten and covered up.

This story is even discussed in newspapers in Austria. In Germany it is not even possible to publish a payed small advertisement referring to my page on the Internet.

You will find a lot more informations on my German page http://www.todinrostock.de.

More or less the complete medical record of my son is published in this documentation.

Günter Hagemeister
Reelkirchener Str.1
32805 Horn- Bad Meinberg